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  • MBA cover for The Sunday Times Home Illustrator, caricaturist and cartoonist
  • Trump and the gun lobby NZListener Illustrations for The New Zealand Listener magazine
  • B bank Evening Standard Illustrations for The London Evening Standard 'On The Money" and 'Diary of an Estate Agent"
  • Jeremy Corbyn Caricatures caricatures
  • How to make the perfect cup of tea Maps and recipes Maps and recipes
  • MBA cover for The Sunday Times The Times and Sunday Times Illustrations for The Times
  • Cuckoo The Daily Telegraph Spot illustrations for The Daily Telegraph
  • Roger Greetings Cards Greetings Cards featuring Roger the cat
  • Kind of Blue miles davis Personal work Personal work
  • London types Books Children's books and graphic novels now available on Amazon.
  • Silk scarves Silk scarves
  • George Best Northern Ireland Football Team George Best and the Northern Ireland Football Team 2008

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  1. Marty Evan avatar
    Marty Evan Feb 12, 2012

    Hello from NY, USA. I recently stumbled onto one of your pieces that I think I have to have.  It’s the “Kind of Blue/Miles Davis” cover art piece.  Here’s my reason.  I’ll be getting married soon and my bride to be is in love with this album.  We also like to collect art by exceptional artists.  I’m thinking this would be the perfect gift for her on our wedding day—and it fits the old adage, something,something, something blue.  I’m guessing the original is long gone..just wondering if you have any signed prints??  Any info you have would be a great help! Love your work!  Thanks, Marty

  2. Francis Blake avatar
    Francis Blake Sep 30, 2014

    Just had to say how much I liked and enjoyed your Buster Keaton* inspired illustration in the Evening Standard today! The creaking house falling on the poor young people. I am pleased that you gave them the convenient window in the right place so that they wont be crushed! (Though it looks to be a pretty tight fit for the both of them!)
    All the best
    Francis (fellow illustrator, and big Buster Keaton fan!)
    *Or was it inspired by Steve McQueen’s homage to Buster that he won the Turner with (if I remember rightly?) a few years back?

  3. Weef Weef avatar
    Weef Weef Dec 8, 2014

    No definately Buster Keaton. thanks for the kind comment